GE Design Center — San Ramon, CA

Customizable Workspace Sparks Creativity

GE Machine Design Holmes Structures
140,000 SF
Rapt Studio
Sunset Development Company

Rapt Studios and Holmes Structures created a highly flexible, inspiring environment for GE (General Electric)’s design team. The focus of the office is to drive creativity for the global, digital industrial company. The GE Design Center includes a presentation theater, small breakout areas for projects, a total immersion environment with 360-degree screens, and an adaptable workspace dubbed “the Machine”.

The Machine is the highlight of the center, functioning as an independent, 2,400 square-foot space with movable intermediate walls. Holmes Structures seismically supported the Machine with steel moment frames, allowing the user to create variously sized workspaces and different overall configurations. The Machine’s open side contains a glass wall that slides shut to create private spaces. When open, the wall is hidden at the structure’s ends. The adaptable glass wall and intermediate walls allow GE to customize the Machine while maintaining amenities like electricity and interactive design monitors.

View more photos and animation of the moveable space at Rapt Studio.

GE Machine Design moveable walls reconfigurable spaces
GE Machine Design movable walls

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